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Veronna with Admirable Ingenuity

The problem with great weaving classes is that they are never long enough.  There’s not enough time to discuss everything you want with your new and instant friends, and never … Continue reading

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Cool Loom-controlled Teeth

A very cool piece in the Vesterheim exhibit this summer was “The Three Billy Goats Gruff,” by Nancy Ellison from Zumbrota, Minnesota.  My favorite parts are the troll’s teeth and … Continue reading

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Tapestry and Bricks

I once sold a large, very traditional-looking wall hanging in the Norwegian Vestfold technique.  A year later I learned that the woman who purchased it displayed it at the end … Continue reading

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Settling on a Sett; Flesberg 1

This summer I began a boundweave piece in Flesberg technique.  I participated in a Flesberg Study Group several years ago and made two beautiful wall hangings; one in wool, one … Continue reading

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Agitated strings (and agitated weavers!)

The annual Ig Nobel awards are given each year to scientists to honor work that might sound funny, but will then make you think.  Watching the ceremonies is very amusing! … Continue reading

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The Power of Symbols

Shortly after I began a half-year weaving course at the Husflidsskole in Fagernes, Norway, in 1977, we were shown a slide of a traditional weaving with a swastika in the … Continue reading

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Finish it well, or maybe lose out….

This summer the wall hanging I entered in the annual National Exhibition of Folk-Art in the Norwegian Tradition at the Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum won “Best of Show.” It was a … Continue reading

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Always Lessons to Learn

Weaving provides endless challenges – although  I wish I could just remember all of the previous lessons I should have learned.  Many of my future posts will deal with lessons … Continue reading

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