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Changes in Scale, Interesting but Unintended

I just finished two single krokbragd pieces.  The first one was in gold, orange, and brown, inspired by a great deal of lovely Norwegian Rauma rya yarn for sale at the Weavers Guild last year.  When I finished it, a great deal of the brown yarn and some of the gold remained.  On went another warp.  I dug in my stash and pulled out greens and reds.  They were not the same weight, but I thought that doubling the strands would match the rya yarn weight well.  And it seemed to.  When the second piece came off the loom my husband commented, “That pattern is larger than the last one.”  He was right!  Putting the two pieces side by side shows the difference in scale between patterns that are the same.

Part of the fun and challenge of the second piece was using the same motifs but changing the dividing “background” bands from light to dark.

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