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Farm Fresh Eggs Make the Best Popovers

When I visited Nancy Ellison on her farm I bought eggs.  Some were green and blue, from the Americana chickens.  The eggs from the Norwegian chickens were yet another Scandinavian … Continue reading

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In Case You Ever Thought That Lila Nelson Was Repressed

While visiting Lila Nelson this week, she showed me the tapestry on her loom.  Relatively small, only the top half was visible, revealing abstract shapes in dark saturated hues.  She … Continue reading

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Weaving a Rya Was Endless, But Satisfying

A favorite question of any nonweaver when looking at a piece I’ve woven, is “How long did that take you?” The endless rya project began more than two years ago. … Continue reading

October 16, 2010 · 2 Comments

I’m a Weaver, But Have So Much to Learn about Sheep

            I grew up on a farm in northwestern Minnesota.  Other  than dogs and cats there were no farm animals, just vast acres of wheat … Continue reading

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