Preparing for Iceland and Norway

Tomorrow I leave for Iceland!  The dark clothes are in the washer, most work-related emergencies have been taken care of, and I need to pack.  I reviewed the travel tips that Laurann Gilbertson sent.  Laurann is thorough and knows her group well.  She wrote, “TSA says that small metal scissors are ok, but it might be better to pack those and carry a pendant-style yarn cutter or nail clippers on the flight instead.”  Because OF COURSE everyone on this trip will have knitting or other needlework projects in hand to while away any unexpected airport delays or long bus rides.  My needlework project is part of an ongoing series of interpretations of Edvard Munch’s Skrik (Scream) in various textile techniques.  (I recently posted my skinnfell Skrik.)  My travel project will be an embroidered Skrik sewn in variegated purple silk thread, surrounded by words once written to me in a letter by my Grandma Nan. “We sure have missed you, but life doesn’t hand us all our desires.”  So true?  The words on “Reality Sampler” are in her handwriting.

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