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Weekend Activities – Tiny Things and Enormous Things

I visited my parents’/brother’s farm last weekend. I worked on a narrow slit tapestry test piece on a small cradle loom. It’s a replica of a Norwegian cradle loom brought to the United States by an immigrant in the mid-1800s, and sold by the Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum. My mother painted the small loom and gave it to me in 1999. It’s taken this long for me to put on a warp of ten threads!

And the enormous?  I DROVE this tractor.  My brother convinced me I could even back this out of the shed at an angle.  It’s taller than the garage!  For scale, my daughter posed inside the tire.  If I come back at harvest time, I get to to drive the wheat harvester too.  I think it’s the size of my house.

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