Weaving Munch’s Scream – the Dark Part

The large Scream rya is underway and I’m happy to report that my process is working well so far.  I posted my plans back in March, with this photo of the full-sized pattern with a grid overlay.  Now I’m more than a quarter done with the weaving.  I gauged that 3/4 of an inch of weaving should be between each row of knots (8 shots).  So I began by cutting a 3/4″ strip from the bottom of the pattern and used it as a guide for the colors in the first row of knots, then set that one aside and cut a new strip for the next row of knots, etc.

The full image, but with several strips already cut off to use at the loom

All the while I looked at the large image taped to a door, and to a letter-sized copy taped to the loom as further guidance.

Here’s a close-up of the paper strip being used as a guide for color choice in the knots.

It’s the dark part now, mostly, and I’m really eager to reach the face – and to see the finished piece.  I think it might be large and sort of frightening.  It will take a while.  Each row takes about 25 minutes; I’m on row 23, and there are 75 rows.  And there are daily responsibilities, like work!