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The First Textile Tour Fiber and Food Post

I’m in Norway on the Vesterheim Textile Tour. During my days in Norway and Finland I hope to publish a daily fiber and food post.  Each day I will describe an interesting or amazing or beautiful textile and something about what I ate.  
The overnight flight on which I couldn’t sleep at all left me woozy with exhaustion.  A short nap in the hotel gave me energy for a tour of the Parliament with Ingebjorg Monsen’s son, Heikke Eidsvold Holmaas, who is the Minister for International Development in the King’s Council.   The main hall of the Parliament building features a beautiful giant tapestry by Sissel Blystad, Landskap  (I’ll bet even English speakers can figure out the translation!).   You can see the scale of the whole piece on her website.
The large image has many wonderful areas to explore.  I’m pretty sure this section includes a boat.
She creates texture in some areas by skipping over some warp threads.  I’m filing this idea away.  
Our first meal in Norway at the Best Western Bondeheim in Oslo was adequate, but the fish and potatoes and vegetables seemed very delicious because I was ravenous.  The dessert was lame, a small partially-thawed brownie.  It reminded me of the description of the wine available for purchase on the Icelandic Airlines flight, “served in a beautiful plastic cup.”
Appropriately enough, I am going to bed now and will start on my second Jo Nesbo book,  Nemesis.  
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