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Balancing Act, 2016

“Balancing Act, 2016″ 42″ x 63”

Although it was not my intention ahead of time, the piece just off my loom has a Swedish feel.  When I moved yarn from my house to the studio at the Casket Arts Building, I ran across four already-prepared warps.  I put one of them, a long, narrow warp of thin seine twine, on my Toika floor loom before Christmas.  I then took out all my balls of prepared fabric strips and set out to play and experiment.  There was a lot of blue. The technique is mostly plain weave, with some Swedish-inspired inlay of short strips in geometric patterns.  After I completed the first strip, I removed it from the loom, tied on again, and made a second piece, taking into account the bands in the first piece and balancing them in the second.

Things got messy along the way!

The resulting pieces work well as one hanging, or either could be used as a hanging alone.  Each one is 19″ wide, and could be used as a rug in a narrow area as well.

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