They’re Selling This?

Seriously? They were selling colored yarn hanging from a stick? This was spotted in a shop window on a stroll to the grocery store with Cora this morning.  Patina has lovely greeting cards, kitchen accessories, fancy lotions, and hipster home decor.  I had to go in and see how much the bad acrylic yarn strands cost.  $26.00.  In the photo you can see that Cora liked the pillows below the yarn strands.  BUT…  she spend almost a whole minute petting the strands of yarn, and I left thinking that I might have to make her a similar hanging, so she can pet the yarn.  (Hmm, think of how really nice yarn would feel, like alpaca and silk.)  I can only hope that she graduates to a preference for higher-quality textiles.


Oddly, the yarn in the bad hanging almost matched the color of her slightly-cheesy sweater, which I bought at a vintage store.  It was undoubtedly knitted by a devoted grandmother, and features Goldilocks and the three bears.  Cora was immediately drawn to the color of the sweater waiting on her bed when she came to visit, and completely mesmerized when I related the story of the characters.  The mama and papa bears are on the front,  and Goldilocks is running away from three beds on the back.  For symmetry, I suppose, there are two baby bears – one on each sleeve – so I had to alter the story a bit.

I haven’t been to the studio for six weeks.  I finished up my short-term fill-in position at the Legislative Reference Library last Friday, and now it’s a special week with Cora visiting from Vermont.  But see?  It’s our first full day together and we’ve already managed to have a textile experience.