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The Good You Will Carve into the Mountain

A group of Lila Nelson’s friends met on Tuesday at the home of Francie Iverson for a lunch. It wasn’t exactly a mournful gathering, though we were marking a year that has passed since her death.  Instead, we were only sad that she could not join us.  We drank champagne in her honor, and enjoyed the fellowship and fun that she always fostered at a gathering.

After lunch we went through some boxes of textiles from Lila’s house; things she owned, with only a couple of pieces that she maybe wove. I got a doubleweave piece, which reads, The good you will carve into the mountain; the bad you will write in snow.”

This epitomized Lila!  She was definitely a consensus-builder, a positive activist.

Laurann Gilbertson said that Lila bought the weaving in Norway, perhaps near Trondheim.  If anyone recognizes the weaver, I’d love to let them know this piece continues to have a good home, and that I try to live up to the words.


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