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Creepy…or Cool?

Is it creepy….or cool?  From a basket filled with furry faces at the Pioneer Festival in Perham, Minnesota, I bought a coyote face.  I thought I could fix it and mold it and make a mask.  Wouldn’t a granddaughter want to pretend she is a wild animal in the woods?

Maddie caught sight of it before I worked with it.  Oh – scary!  No, it’s not, I told her — it’s a nice animal, and I told her I was going to make a mask.  Over the next few minutes she seemed a little less concerned, tipping more towards curious. This morning I steamed the face over a pot of water, molded it, and clipped out the eyes a bit.  I think he looks much less scary.

I think it is a marvelous face, Maddie is reserving judgment, my husband still feels it is creepy (“It’s still skin.  It’s a face.”), and my son, to whom I texted photos, replied, “Way cool!”


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