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Good Taste at the Royal Academy of Arts Gift Shop, London

We went to a newly-opened, stunning show of Abstract Expressionists at the Royal Academy of Arts.  The Academy had a beautifully appointed gift shop, with a selection of woven throws.  If the rest of the London stay didn’t have me bleeding money, spending $150 on one would have seemed eminently reasonable.

Look at the interesting color shift from one side to the other on this throw from Eleanor Pritchard.  The sign said that the design was made especially for the Royal Academy.

The throw from John Hanly and Ireland had such a beautiful brushed thickness; the photo shows one folded-up throw.  The colors shifted and blended.

The sunny color-block hues of this throw from Avoca Handweavers would look so great on my gray couch – sigh.

The textiles in the shop were coordinated with the colors of the displays.  Among items about the David Hockney show, the throw was in bright stripes.  That one was knitted; I didn’t note the company that made it.

I’m inspired to get home and weave.

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