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Scandinavian Fringe Embellishments

Federation 2016, a weaving retreat in Alexandria, Minnesota, is coming up this weekend.  I am giving the keynote talk on Friday evening, “From Virgins to Spaceships: A Visual Voyage Through Norwegian Tapestry.”  More on that another day.

On Saturday I am teaching a short course on “Scandinavian Fringe Embellishments.” We will use  the following complicated equipment to learn three techniques for making fringe.

Can you guess which implement I used to make this “fuzzy worm?”

Which one will be used to reproduce this beguiling curly fringe, shown on a Swedish textile owned by my friend Melba Granlund?

Which one would be used to make the kavelfrans (fringe) typically found on old Swedish textiles, like this one from the Nordiska Museet? (For details on the weaving, go to and search for NM.0051345.)

I’ll post more information after the class — for now, I have to get back to making samples!

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