I’ve seen photos of beautiful gloves  with kavelfrans sewn in an X pattern, so I thought I would try something similar; in this case, the piece will likely be on the top of a pillow.  I used a fork device to make figure-eight fringe.


I sewed the sections of fringe to a thick, black wool base.  At this point, the fringe is almost completely sewn down.


The most fun part is cutting the fringe loops and making it rounded and even.  I left the trimming part for handwork during the vice-presidential candidate debates.   Cutting and trimming creates a fuzzy mess.


On beautiful fall day in Minnesota, I batted it against the railing to remove the excess fluff, and set it down for the usual final inspection by Buzz.


Making this into a pillow will wait until after teaching my “Scandinavian Fringe Embellishments” class this weekend.


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