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Billedvev Class Prep

I am teaching a three-day workshop on Norwegian billedvev (tapestry, or literally, “picture weaving”) at the Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum on September 14-17. Details here. One piece of my year-long preparation is reading two large books on the topic that are owned by only a few libraries in the nation.  I’m reading them at MIA, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts library. It’s inspirational to see the color plates; many of the pieces I have not seen in other books or online.

I have seen other images of the tapestry on the cover of one of the volumes, and I love the striped red hair of this man.

Then, the same day as I was studying the book, we went to the Dakota Jazz Club to hear Davell Crawford give a fabulous Hammond B3 organ concert, like a crazy combination of soul, gospel, New Orleans, John Lennon (Let it Be), and the Bygland Lutheran Church.  Check out his jacket!  Just like the medieval guy’s hair.

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