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Alden Turns Seven, and Gets a Sheepskin

I pretty much think that everyone needs a sheepskin, so this one went to California for our granddaughter’s seventh birthday.

It’s not an heirloom quality skinnfell made of several skins, but an everyday Ikea sheepskin is just as cuddly for sitting on or lying on with a book. It has a large A for Alden Jade Hadl and a few Norwegian designs, lightly stamped in a silvery gray. I love the way sheepskins look when trimmed in leather, so even though the spare designs didn’t take long, slowly sewing the leather at the edge allowed time to watch several Norwegian TV shows (I like Nytt På Nytt and Ambulans 113). It’s not easy to poke through leather.  When I couldn’t find my leather thimble, I figured out a good alternative–a bit of folded leather attached to my thumb with a band-aid.

Our cat Buzz gave his seal of approval.

My husband and I celebrate our tenth anniversary this year, and when we married none of our combined five children had kids of their own.  Alden will always be special because she was the first grandchild, daughter of Mike’s daughter Lucy. On our first visit to see tiny Alden, we made a silly baby-related watermelon.  Seven years later, Alden is old enough to lose her front teeth, all of our children have produced at least one child, and our grandchild tally is up to nine. Happy birthday to our biggest granddaughter!

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