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Here and (T)here: North Atlantic Version

I am participating in a woven postcard exchange, “Here and (T)here,” sponsored by the American Tapestry Alliance (ATA). Participating ATA members were randomly assigned to another weaver. It began officially in April, but I left my postcard until I returned in June from my fellowship in Norway. I thought about an image on my flight home, and there, in front of me, was a perfect rendition of getting from here to there. I think checking the flight tracker is the adult equivalent of hounding your parent in the car with, “Are we there yet?” Except the flight tracker gives you the answer!

Of course, the scale of everything on the sketch is skewed. On the far left is the coast of Norway. Iceland is prominent in the center, with snowy Greenland to the right.  I posted a photo of partially-finished tapestry on Facebook and alert reader Kennita Tully commented that the British Isles look like a face. Now, of course, I only see that face!

My postcard will travel to Oregon today. I’m excited to see the online exhibit of all the postcards; it begins in December.

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