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Billedvev Talk on January 18!

When I worked for the Legislature, my friend Catherine would call and tell me when my voice mail message still said I was out of the office–when of course, I had just forgotten to change it back. Thanks Catherine, again! She’ll catch my mistakes until the end of our lives. My lecture in Arizona is on the SATURDAY, JANUARY 18, not the 15th. 

From Virgins to Spaceships: A Visual Voyage through Norwegian Tapestry

Saturday, January 18, 11:00 am (Note: The time is approximate; the lecture will follow a short business meeting for the lodge.)
Otto Fjell Sons of Norway 6-153
1844 E. Dana Ave Mesa, Arizona 85204
If you would like to attend, contact Carol Meshefski. Phone: (480) 218-7270, text: (480) 202-6773, email: Lunch is served following the lecture. If you would like to purchase a lunch ticket, RSVP by 3 pm on Wednesday, January 15.



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