Such Empty Looms but a full heart

I am facing an empty loom situation that is making me frantic. Every other family/writing/publishing deadline has taken precedence and even my husband said one day last week, “You don’t seem to be weaving these days.” A day later he said, “I think you would feel better if you were weaving.”

I recently finished a small family book (published on Blurb) in which each of our combined five children and now TEN grandchildren have a bio page with details on their birth dates, birth weights, favorite meals, favorite activities, and what they want to be when they grow up. Each person is shown in a full page photo, wearing a favorite article of clothing and holding something important to them. Here I am with a loom. It has a relatively narrow wool warp for testing some images in Frida Hansen technique. It’s empty of weft!

Our newest grandchild, Eleanor Weber LaFleur, arrived the day after the presidential election. Of course that was more momentous than the election of Joe Biden and Kamal Harris, but barely! Here is her page for the “Pandemic Point in Time” book; she’s on the rug I wove for her room and wearing the same bear onesie that her big brother wore.

I did manage to complete one other textile project in the last couple of months, baby Eleanor’s Christmas stocking. My white-pencil guide for embroidering her name kept getting rubbed off, so it looks weird–so be it!

I wove the fabric at the top of the stocking when I was at Husflidsskole in Valdres, Norway, in 1977. When I came home I sewed skirts for my mother and me, shown here in a photo from a long-ago Christmas.

Weaving will return soon. For now, we will enjoy our small Christmas with Margaret and Jeff and Fitz and Eleanor. Our house won’t be filled with ALL the children and grandchildren on Christmas Eve. While we are relieved that our family members remain healthy and optimistic about the new year and the vaccine, we still ache for all the family activities that were lost this year. To anyone reading this, please stay safe in the next rocky months.

All of the family stockings I made for Margaret, Jeff, Fitz, and Eleanor hanging in their new (first!) house.


  1. A beautiful posting and charming photos. Your loom will be humming again soon and meanwhile you have accomplished other noteworthy and memorable projects!

  2. Robbie, Watched your wonderful talk about Lila’s tapestries and learned a lot about her work. It was a real joy to see so many pieces and also to see her personal growth. Her designs and weaving just seemed to grow by leaps and bounds. Probably because she was so prolific. So focused. She was wonderful. We a glass of box wine from behind a large book on her bookshelf when I visited her at lyngbloomsten (sp?). I figured it was 5:00 somewhere. Thank you for all you do. Paula

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