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A Kavelfrans Christmas Present

I’m a great fan of loops and fringe and Scandinavian kavelfrans–the fuzzy, worm-like festive wooly edges used on gloves, mittens, and pillows. I experimented with techniques and materials and taught some classes; short ones at the Federation fall conference and the Weavers Guild, and a two-day class at North House Folk School. The North House class was especially fun because it ran for two days, giving creative students time to come up with such cool projects as they experimented. (See them here.) I thought I would continue to teach my class, “Scandinavian Fringe Embellishments: Folk Art on the Edge(s),” but it takes time away from my tapestry work and teaching, and publishing the Norwegian Textile Letter.

Pillows with kavelfrans

There’s no need to keep the materials in my class binder secret! So here they are, if you would like to read them, print then, or use them in any way you want. Merry Christmas!

Loom Fringe
Forked Fringe. I make the forked fringe occasionally; it’s so easy and fast. I made this edge for new granddaughter Eleanor’s Christmas stocking.
Two-person Stick Fringe
Kavelfrans, Directly Sewn
Sweater Mittens with Kavelfrans
Applying Yarn Tassels and Pompoms. This handout is from a Swedish document online.
Idea Page

There are more kavelfrans photos in other posts on my blog; put kavelfrans in the search box. Be sure to search by kavelfrans in Instagram, too. Be inspired. Be safe until be are all vaccinated. Happy 2021!

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