Exhibit Venues and Awards

Academy Art Center.  Honolulu, Hawaii.  50 Interpreted: Hawai’i Handweavers’ Hui 25th Biennial Exhibition. (article)

2004.  “Five Decades and Still No Enlightenment” (Transparency technique, People’s Choice Award)

American Swedish Institute.  Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Scream (in Stitches).

2015.  A solo show of interpretations of Edvard Munch’s Skrik, in various textile techniques.  (See an article about the series from the British Journal for Weavers Spinners and Dyers here.)

American Tapestry Alliance. Small Format Unjuried Show. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

2016. “Edwin, Home from the Great War.” (Tapestry)

Dassel History Center (Dassel, Minnesota) and the National Craft Museum of Finland (Jyväskylä, Finland)

2015.  The “Deep Roots” exhibit included pieces from Nordic-American textile artists and illustrated, in content and technique, enduring roots with the countries from which their ancestors emigrated. “Wheat Harvestor” (Tapestry)

Minnesota State Fair. St. Paul, Minnesota (incomplete list)

2016.  “Runner.” (Cotton in twill technique, Weavers Guild Award for Best Use of Color in a Woven Item); 2015.  “Study in Blue and Yellow” (Flesberg technique; Blue ribbon, Weavers Guild Award for the most Creative Use of Color); “Study in Red and Pink” (Flesberg technique, Red ribbon, Doris Tufte Award for Scandinavian Loom Weaving). 2013.  “Fleece-banded Pillow” (Blue ribbon); “Great-grandfather August” (Tapestry, Blue ribbon); “Scream” (Rya, Blue ribbon). 2011.  “The Old Pattern – Variation 2” (Krokbragd, Blue ribbon); “Sami Reindeer” (Inlay technique with rag strips, Blue ribbon); “Study in Red and Orange” (Flesberg technique, Blue Ribbon, Sweepstakes award); “Table Runner” (Tavlebragd, Red ribbon, Doris Tufte Award for Scandinavian Loom Weaving);  “Margaret, a la Andy Warhol” (Tapestry, Blue ribbon).  1999.  “Rutevev” (Blue ribbon)

Nordic Heritage Museum.  Seattle, Washington.  Cultural Odyssey: Contemporary Norwegian Weaving in America.  Juried by the Norwegian Textile Guild. 

2001.  “Tavlebragd med Filler,” “Wall Hanging in Square Weave Technique,” and “Oldemor med Høner” (tapestry).

Norway House.  Minneapolis, Minnesota. “Co-Curator’s Pop-up Show: Robbie LaFleur.” 

This show was in connection with the Norway House exhibit, “Traditional Norwegian Weaving: American Reboot.” The pieces described here.

Textile Center of Minnesota, Community Gallery. Minneapolis, Minnesota. I participated in and managed exhibits of the work of the Scandinavian Weavers Study Group of the Minnesota Weavers Guild.

Red. 2016. “So Lucky.” (Rya, plain weave)

Everything Under the (Midnight) Sun: Scandinavian Weavings.  2013. “Crumbs of Friendship” (Transparency)

Scandinavian Boundweave: Timeless Tradition. 2010. “The Old Pattern,” (Krokbragd on sheepskin).  “Study in Red and Orange,” Flesberg technique.

Symbols, Myths, and Fairy Tales. 2008. “Almost a Forest” (Vestfold technique)
Trees.  2006. “Crumbs of Friendship” (Transparency)

Textile Center of Minnesota, Joan Mondale Gallery.  Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Artists in the Kitchen. 2018.  “Wooly Ice Cream” (Krokbragd with Danskbrogd) 2018.

Member’s Show.  2018. “Symbolic, 2017.” 2015. “Wheat Harvestor” (Tapestry) 2014. “Icelandic Crosses” (Rya) 2013. “Scream” (Rya) 2011 “Squeezed: Homage to Robert Motherwell” (Rya); 2007 “Crumbs of Friendship 2” (Transparency technique)

Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum.  Decorah, Iowa.  Annual Exhibition in Weaving in the Norwegian Tradition.  Awarded Vesterheim’s Gold Medal for Excellence in Weaving, 2006.

2011. “The Old Pattern,” (Krokbragd on sheepskin, Best of Show); 2010, ; 2008 “Almost a Forest” (Vestfold, Best of Show); 2006 “Study in Red and Orange,” (Flesberg technique); 2005  “Rolighet” (Transparency technique, Best of Show and Peoples Choice awards); 2002 “Fragments of Life” (Rutevev, White ribbon); 2001, “Oldemor med Høner”  (tapestry, People’s Choice Award), “Life is a Balancing Act (Rya, red ribbon); 1999, “Contemporary Tavlebragd” (Honorable mention), “Gunflint Colors”(Vestfold technique, Honorable mention); 1998, “Rutevev” (Red ribbon).

Weavers Guild of Minnesota.  “The Fruits of Rya Exploration.”

2015. “Purple Power Field.” (Rya).