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Norwegian Tapestry Class

The first workshop was held in September 2017. See: “Billedvev Workshop at Vesterheim. Read about the 2018 workshops here and here.

Billedvev translates as picture-weaving, and medieval Norwegian tapestries have a distinctive charm and graphic appeal. In this workshop, learn about the techniques used in historical Norwegian tapestry, particularly the decorative joins where colors come together. You will use the expressive joining techniques to weave a sampler or image of your choice. In addition to intensive weaving, the workshop will include slide-based lectures, in which we will follow the thread of Norwegian tapestry techniques as practiced by weavers from medieval times to the present. We will discuss the images and symbols found in old tapestries. The piece shown here is not the class project; it is a billedvev-inspired tapestry of my great-grandmother with chickens.

Length: 3 7-hour days

Equipment: Students provide their own warped tapestry looms (or borrow one from the instructor).

Supply Fee: $15 for printed materials.

Level: Advanced beginner to intermediate. (This is not a beginning tapestry class.)

Some of the nice comments about what students liked best from the 2017 workshop:

“The pace was just right, Robbie is an EXCELLENT, approachable instructor, a great balance of instruction and work time. The class exceeded my expectations and I will use techniques I learned in other types of weaving.”

“The learning environment–I learned so much.”

“It is a unique class not offered anywhere else.”

“Hard to single something out.  I enjoyed it all. Great samplers and excellent binder to take home.”

Some comments from the 2018 workshops:

“Thank you so much for a wonderful class experience. I came home feeling really energized and look forward to more weaving. You clearly put a lot of time and thought in to the class and preparation, which we all benefited from.”

“Your careful presentation was evident throughout the workshop. It was filled with information but also nicely paced. You know how much I enjoyed the historical information, but I wanted to add that I think your handouts were excellent, and I appreciated how you added sheets throughout the workshop as things came up in class.”

“I especially appreciated the slide presentations, historical background, and discussion of contemporary Norwegian tapestry.”

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