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Better Not To Say Anything…..

I took off time from work in December.  “What are you going to do?” about a zillion people asked.  Foolishly, I mentioned my intention to weave, and to develop the accompanying Powerpoint slides for a presentation on Norwegian weaving.  Really, I am going to get that prepared, and the presentation will include examples of pieces from my own collection to show illustrate various points and types of weaving.  So far, since the beginning of the month, I spent a week in Arizona with my parents, and wow! – Christmas preparations can take up a great deal of time!  Some research is done, but not as much as I planned.  I did add a project, though: moving my loom from a lovely second floor space which will be better devoted to a private study for Mike.  The loom is moving to our upper floor, and that space is great too.  The switch is almost complete, and it is the first time, ever, that all my books are arranged in categories.  In this photo, the loom is partially dismantled, ready to move.

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