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Warping Tips for Rep Weave

One of my goals for 2014 is learning to make engaging video interviews and to improve my overall video editing abilities.  So I was happy to help my friend Kelly Marshall make a video about warping to send to her students before she taught a workshop in Ohio this month.  Warping Tips for Rep Weave was an ipad video experiment.  We met one afternoon and shot some footage – all off-the-cuff.  The resulting video is not going to win a Academy award in the documentary category, but it is still enjoyable and useful because Kelly is such an polished speaker, smart person, and super-talented weaver.  We made the video for her rep weave workshop, but she includes tips that are great for anyone using a warping reel.  I recommend watching the video and signing up for her “New Work Blog” to keep up with her latest work. (Sign up at the bottom of the blog page.)

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