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Wheat Harvester Tapestry: Off the Loom

My tapestry of  wheat harvest in August, woven in Helena Hernmarck’s technique, is finally finished, before the end of our record-breaking winter.  When the car and street look like this…

it’s nice to remember days like these.

This is not a good photo.  After I hung it, I realized that the cabinet next to it cast a shadow at this time of day. Here it is in a just-off-the-loom shot, where you can get a sense of the dimensions (28″ x 36″).

It was a tremendous learning experience.  Oh, there are so many things that will be better on future pieces! There were places where texture added depth and dimension to the expanses of the wheat field and the sky, but not quite as much as I had hoped.

My favorite part to weave was the truck, but I rejoiced when I finished it and had only sky to weave.

Thanks to Helena Hernmarck for her incredible instruction and inspiration.  I look forward to exploring the language of her technique in many pieces to come.

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