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Testing the Time Lapse Feature; I’m Not Sure This Qualifies as an “Action” Movie

My husband received a GoPro camera for Christmas.  It’s a cool toy, one that most people use for recording action sports.  I have not used it for recording my slalom skiing down steep mountains, or strapped it to the front of a mountain bike.  But one day in January I set it up on a tripod and took time lapse photos of me weaving.  Since I was more concerned about finishing the piece than learning about the camera, I put the camera away and forgot about it until Mike said last week, “Why are there 600 photos of the loom on this camera?”  Oh yeah!

Today I downloaded the photos and taught myself how to incorporate them into a video using IMovie, a fun learning experience.  The video is only a little over two minutes; I cut out a lot of the time lapse photos because, well, it doesn’t take a whole lot of footage to get the idea!  Next time I do a time lapse I will extend the time between shots, wash my hair, and wear a prettier sweater.

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