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The Red Rug for the Vesterheim Exhibit

Our neighbor Roger was gone today, but I’m sure he would not mind that I used his red-painted porch, big pot of pansies, and white railings to photograph the FINISHED rug.  It is a rug woven in a three-shaft bunden rosengang (bound rosepath), using band patterns from the Flesberg area of Norway. I will take it to Decorah tomorrow, along with weavings from my Scandinavian Weavers Group friends and a rosemaled bench from my cousin Gretchen.  This is only two days later than I had hoped, and–naturally–the last day that entries can be submitted for this summer’s National Exhibition of Folk Art in the Norwegian Tradition.



As my weaving friends know, the post-loom finishing always takes more time that you expect.  But we squeezed in a great movie tonight – Mad Max-Fury.

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