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Edvard Munch (In Stitches)

The exhibit of my interpretations of Edvard Munch’s Skrik (The Scream) at the American Swedish Institute will be up just a bit longer, only through August 2.  It’s been such a fun experience for me, and by several reports, for the viewers.  I have a feeling there are many photos out there of folks doing just this:

Curator Curt Pederson send me this photo taken the first weekend the exhibit was up, during the ASI Midsommar Festival.  Recently Scott Pollock told me about seeing a woman he guessed was in her eighties, snapping a selfie with one of the Scream pieces.

This tapestry piece was the first of the Scream series.

The Scream in french knots has always been a favorite of mine.

And the ASI curators even made it into the wall poster!

There are more pieces in the show, in a few more techniques.  Here’s a pillow with the figure in embroidery.

Also on display are many magazine covers and cartoons from a file I’ve been keeping over the years.

That’s not even my whole collection.  I just ran across this postage-stamp-sized cartoon in a drawer last week; origin unknown.

I also ran into this cartoon, which must have come out when the “OMG” abbreviation was much less common.

So – OMG!  This has been a fun way to share my series.  I want to express my thanks to Curt Pederson and all the ASI staff who helped.


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