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Eight-Year Wrist-Warmers

IMG_3647 On a visit to Norway in 2007 I admired some pretty wrist-warmers from Annemor Sundbø’s book, Invisible Threads in Knitting.  Annemor grabbed a skein of yarn and needles and I was off.  By the end of the trip I finished one.  Fast forward to October 2015.  Huh?  What’s this in a bag?  One “Ping-Pong wrist warmer“! Over the past few weeks I picked it up during occasional tv-watching.

About two-thirds into my knitting I pulled out the first one to compare.  It was WAY different, much more tightly knit.  I continued to knit, baffled because it didn’t feel like I was knitting loosely at all.  To complete the second one I made only seven points, rather than nine.

In the end, though, I knew when they were finished and on my wrists, the size difference would not be noticeable. Even with hints, my husband could not tell. Did you notice in the photos at the top?

They are not perfect enough to give away, so I will enjoy them because of the memories they spark.  And I probably won’t set aside a knitting project for eight years again.

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