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And Now for the Weights

After more than a year, I put up my beautiful warp-weighted loom.

Now for the weights.  A gathering of Weavers Guild board members at my house last night served as an interested focus group with a range of ideas.

I showed them one possibility, a set of trampoline weights discarded by my neighbor.  Each one, with a handy hook, weighs 6.6 ounces.  A good warp-weighted loom weight is half a kilo, or 1.1 pounds.

So today I experimented by filling a couple of them with cement, a messy job done on the deck (next to the deck squirrel with light-up eyes) on a STUNNING warm day.

Unfortunately, the cement-filled weight is still only a little over 9 ounces.  Hmmm…  Someone last night suggested casting the weight within a mold, using the weight in the  center.  And since it was a creative group, there were additional ideas — you could paint them!  Embed things!  Make a mosaic!

Or, I could just hang two of the cement-filled weights together.  That would make the total weight length about 12 inches (if I bend the hooks of the adjoining weights).  I’ll have to count my weights to see if I have enough if each weight requires two springs.

Another fun idea mentioned last night was dipping the completed weights in the colored plastic/epoxy that is used on tool handles.

I’ll keep working on this, because now that many friends have seen the loom up, they will expect results.



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