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The Swedish Hanging Moves to Rochester

Last year I wove a two-section long hanging; it looked Swedish to me.

“Balancing Act, 2016″ 42″ x 63” Cotton fabric weft with Swedish inlay technique. 

I gave it to my daughter-in-law and son-in-law Maggie and Matt for Christmas, because they had a spot in their house that seemed perfect, and in need of a weaving. It now hangs above the stairway up to the main level of their home.

The tan-ish wall color seems custom-chosen, as it sparks the indigo blues of the bands perfectly.

We had such a fun day yesterday; it also included sleigh rides sponsored by the History Center of Olmsted County.  I was so grateful to all of the generous horse owners who brought their horses and sleighs/wagons for the perfect afternoon.  It made me resolve to do more weaving demonstrations, to share a bit of my knowledge that others might enjoy — even if a loom and yarn doesn’t hold the same appeal as a 2500 pound black percheron or perky Norwegian fjord horses!

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