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Pick up some Rugs in Denmark?

I love looking at the modern design auctions of the Danish company Bruun Rasmussen.  There are a couple of lovely Swedish rugs up now, with beautiful details and lovely nuances to the yarn colors.  If you drop by Denmark, perhaps you could pick them up for me? Also, if I could just switch out all the furniture I have, I would opt for getting a shipping container and filling my house the the furniture in this auction.

Rakel Carlander: Handwoven wool carpet in “rölakan” flat weave technique with polychrome geometric pattern. This example made approx. 1960s. Signed RC. L. 305 cm. W. 197 cm. (Estimate: $4000-4800)

Barbro Nilsson: “Spättan, gul” (The plaice, yellow). Handwoven wool carpet in “rölakan” flat weave technique with pattern in yellow, green and grey shades.  Designed 1943. This example made 1950s – 1960s by AB MMF. Signed AB MMF and BN. L. 191 cm. W. 140 cm (Estimate: $4000)

I’m so glad I ran across the site of Bruun Rasmussen earlier this year and signed up for notifications of the auctions. There is inspiration is so many of the beautiful objects they sell.

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