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The Danskbrogd Series

Five pieces are completed in my exploration of the Xs of danskbrogd. The inspiration piece was a coverlet from the mid 1850s, from southern Norway near Kristiansand.  (Read more about danskbrogd in this article from the Norwegian Textile Letter.) I laminated a photo of the piece, and it was never far from the loom, often taped to the top of it.  As I finished the pieces, they were hung nearby, and they became instructional, too.  Which pattern bands were successful? How should I modify an aspect of an earlier piece for the new one underway?

I set up a narrow warp to start, to figure things out, and the result was “No Protection.” You can read about the process and the thoughts behind it here.

Piece 2, described here.

Piece #3, discussed here and here.

#4, described here.

And #5, described here.

I thought this would be the end of my X  exploration, but there is enough warp on the loom for one more….

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