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By the end of my week of museum and gallery viewing in New York, I was tired of crowded sidewalks. Mike and I attended a wonderful show at Scandinavia House, “Cutting Edges: Nordic Concrete Art from the Erling Norby Collection” (on its last day!). Compared to the congested streets near Grand Central Station, a few blocks away, the gallery felt like a quiet haven, full of paintings with impact.

Bjørn Ransve, “4 Black Forms,” 1991

It struck me that this painting by Paul Osipow could translate into a fabulous rug pattern.

Paul Osipow, “Katherine,” 1988-89

This one too.

Paul Osipow, “Katherine,” 1989.

I looked at this one and thought, “Wonderful colors for a tapestry.”

Birger Carlstedt, “Maleri,” 1954-55.

Perhaps I was ready to get home and weave.

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