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Baldishol Duck Background

The water and columns of my tapestry are underway. Next–the duck!

The wooly water is woven with a beautiful skein of variegated indigo-dyed yarn I picked up at the Weavers Guild of Minnesota. (I’ve been acquiring indigo blue yarn over the past couple of years, and intend to make a large rya rug at some point.)


This close-up show the variation even more.

This water is inspired by the water in one of Frida Hansen’s transparency tapestries with mermaids. Read: “Havfruer: A Frida Hansen Transparency Treasure at the Stavanger Art Museum.”

The tapestry is about ⅓ done. Will the trees outside the window be green by the time it is done? Note the people on the street. I’m often out there, too. There are so many people out walking around nearby Lake of the Isles that I only walk there early or late, and stick more to the neighborhood streets.

Thank you, Annemor Sundbø, for this. It’s funny, but also evocative and sad. Stay safe.


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