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“Textiles and Tea” sponsored by the Handweavers Guild of America

I am honored to be part of a series of interviews on the Handweavers Guild of America “Textiles and Tea” series, coming up on February 23. I was nervous about saying yes, but reassured after watching some of the interviews by Kathi Grupp, Advertising and Marketing Manager for the Handweavers Guild of America. She is such an enthusiastic and clever interviewer and has a lovely Georgia lilt to her voice that I could listen to all day. The first interview I watched was with Janet Phillips, who studied at the Scottish College of Textiles. Besides enjoying the conversation thoroughly, my thought was, “Who would ever want to listen to my plain Midwestern voice?”

If you are an HGA member, sign up here. If not, HGA posts a link to a replay on their Facebook page. I’ll send it out a link too, after the interview.

I suggest watching all the Textiles and Tea interviews! And heads up–Kelly Marshall will be interviewed in April; I don’t know the date yet.

Finally–your Minnesota weather report. Ever since Christmas the ground has been snow-covered, and we broke a record with no below-zero temperatures in January. I’ve been out every single day in this outfit, skiing or walking. But a polar vortex is impending; I doubt I’ll be out walking if the high temperature is -1 Fahrenheit.

At lake of the Isles, only a ½ mile away. My last haircut was a year ago.
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