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My Bonfire Tapestry is in ENGLAND

At the end of 2020, when I was planning the cartoon for my tapestry Burn 2020, I read about an upcoming exhibition of members of the British Tapestry Group. I am a member, as I enjoy their magazine, Tapestry Weaver, and admire the work of so many BTG members. In the past two years, I wrote two articles for the magazine, “Art in a Time of Pandemic and Protest: A Minneapolis Exhibit Timeline,” Fall 2020, and “Look Back in Time, Look North: A Focus on Norwegian Tapestry, March 2021.

For the upcoming exhibit, guidelines specified new work by BTG members, woven with a visible amount of silk. It occurred to me that silk would add shine and heat to the warmest parts of my bonfire image. Why not weave my tapestry to qualify for the show? I visited my friend Kala and wound many butterflies of shades of silk from her voluminous stash. The silk worked well, and the tapestry was accepted to the exhibit. And now it’s up! (You can read more about weaving this tapestry in this post: “Bonfire, Complete.”)

The exhibit, Threads in Sheds, is currently on view at the Whitchurch Silk Mill. See, it’s real when it’s posted on Instagram, right?

It’s always fun to see the placement of your work; I think mine works well next to the dense silkiness of Penny Howe’s piece.

The show has a catalog, which makes me happy because I don’t think I will get over to see the exhibit in person. This is the page with my entry.

A great way to see many other tapestries in the show is to follow the British Tapestry Group on Instagram, @britishtapestrygroup, and Facebook.

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