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Valley Grove Tapestries: A Webinar Update

I’m going to be discussing my all-engrossing tapestry project for the Valley Grove Preservation Society in a webinar sponsored by Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum on Wednesday, March 23, at 7 pm. It’s free!

The tapestry images will vary greatly, but are tied together with a similar color palette.

This is the description from the Vesterheim website:

Two beautiful churches, one in stone and one painted white, sit atop a hill near Nerstrand, Minnesota. Valley Grove Church was founded in the 1860s by Norwegian immigrants. Today the buildings and surrounding oak savannah prairie are restored and maintained by the Valley Grove Preservation Society. With a grant from the Nordic Churches Project, the Society commissioned Robbie LaFleur to weave four tapestries for the small stone church, in the spirit and style of traditional Norwegian billedvev (tapestry). How will she honor in yarn the founding immigrants, the land, important plants and animals, and the buildings? Join this progress report with Robbie and plan to see the tapestries in person at Valley Grove next summer.

7-8 pm. Wednesday, March 23. Visit the event page to sign up.

I’m making good progress on the skiing pastor tapestry, although with the tree section I feel like I weave and weave and it doesn’t look different. I look forward to reaching the pastor’s head. Here is the tapestry today. I’m going to make a big push this weekend; by the time of the webinar it should be much different!

I’m trying to create an interesting presentation, so if you have any questions about the project, or aspects I should be sure to cover, I’d love to know.

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