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Together Again, a Post-Pandemic Rug

I finished my rug in doublebinding, part of a group warp with the Rag Rug Study Group at the Weavers Guild of Minnesota. (See also, “Rug Weaving versus Tapestry: The Hare and the Tortoise.”) During the pandemic I wove a rug and embroidered “Mask up. Wash your hands.” (See “Mask Up, the Story of a 2020 Rug.”) This is a sort of bookend rug, celebrating the fact we can weave together at the Weavers Guild of Minnesota, and just generally be with our friends! The words are embroidered with two strands of thread, one silk and the other perle cotton.

With the addition of embroidery to my rug, I thought it might qualify for an upcoming juried show at Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum, titled simply Embellishment, which will be up from July 6, 2023 – January 5, 2024. I learned today that my post-pandemic rug will be included in the show.

This special folk art show focuses on the importance of detail in folk art and highlights pieces by contemporary folk artists from around the country. Whether detail means flowing painted motifs, embroidered designs, ornate beadwork, or intricate carving to you, embellished designs are the focal point of this show. Carrying forward the spirit and mission of Vesterheim Folk Art School, the exhibition will include woodworking, rosemaling, knifemaking, blacksmithing, jewelry, weaving, and fiber arts. Pieces in other mediums that visually celebrate traditional Norwegian embellishment are also welcome. 

These are embellished items from the Vesterheim collection – I have always loved the rosemaled dish detergent dispenser. My favorite rosemaled household item in my home is a painted cookie tin by my cousin Gretchen Carew; it has held sandbakkels each Christmas for decades.

It is a reason to celebrate — together again.

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