Settling on a Sett; Flesberg 1

This summer I began a boundweave piece in Flesberg technique.  I participated in a Flesberg Study Group several years ago and made two beautiful wall hangings; one in wool, one in rags.  I looked forward to playing with patterns and colors and set to work.  I am now on my second Flesberg piece – the first one was a miserable failure and I can’t believe how much I needed to learn ALL OVER AGAIN.  These lessons will be the topic of my next posts.  I began the first piece at 8 epi, and used Rauma prydvevgarn primarily mixed in with some kunstvevgarn and billedvevgarn).  Even though I beat consistently and firmly, the resulting ‘hand’ was not one I like – it was a bit too loose and drapey.  So for the second piece I resleyed the reed to 10 epi, and the result is so much more satisfying.  The yarn beats in fine, and the resulting piece is firmer, the pattern finer.  Given the price of Norwegian yarn these days, that was expensive lesson #1.