I am madly trying to finish a Swedish art weave piece before Sunday.  When I arrived early at the studio today I was greeted by these distractions.  Nellie and Ginger (yes, they are a matched set!) are companions to Lori Braun, a fabulous jeweler whose studio is on the same floor as mine in the Casket Arts Building. They were very interested in the sheepskin and yarn smells in my studio.  They were very well-behaved, and resisted picking up stray balls of yarn on the floor around the loom.



And now, back to work!  This photo was taken a few days ago. This was the first time I’ve worked with this sort of pattern weave back-side-up. When weaving Norwegian pieces in Vestfold technique, I always wanted the right side up so I could clearly see the weight of the pattern as it was developing, and then weave dividing bands and pattern bands that would balance the full composition.  However, it was a real pain to drop the pattern threads down under the weaving each time I wove the tabby threads between the pattern threads, and then fish them up again to put in the pattern.  Working from the back is much easier.  It’s also fun that the real front side, the beautiful side, is hidden until the end.  The anticipation, the reveal!

Soon, I’ll post the right side of this piece.


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