We are Freaking Out Our Foreign Friends

I love following the activities and projects of many weavers around the world via Facebook,  particularly tapestry weavers.  How fun to read that Rachel Hine, talented tapestry weaver from Australia, is ready to get back to her studio because her children are back in school after summer vacation.  Not summer here! Here’s an example of her weaving from her website.


My Facebook feed is composed of posts from family members, lots of weaving, and lately, a deluge of political news.  I feel hyper-vigilant, as if I have to read and listen to the latest news coming from the White House during all my waking hours.  This is something that I think is true of many of my friends, both on Facebook and in my real, daily world. A couple of days ago it occurred to me that Rachel was posting as many “OMG — new Trump action” posts as my other friends.  But wait, she’s Australian. Of course I know that people are marching against the actions of Trump all over the world.  This just brought it home to me.

Back to Rachel’s amazing weaving. I WISH I COULD OWN this small piece.


My immediate reaction to figuring out that Rachel is obsessing about Trump just about as much as I am was to want to reassure her – oh, it’s OK, Rachel, you shouldn’t have to worry about the American president.  Unfortunately, I don’t think that is true.

We all feel like this.


Keep weaving, Rachel, and I love the links to Australian coverage of American activities.

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