You’ll Know Where My Studio Is Now

photo(4)A while back I experimented with using fabric strips for rya, on a chicken wire backing. It resulted in a fun group project done at the American Swedish Institute and a piece that I started with some children and finished up myself. They young girls pointed out the magic purple field, and I kept that in. (Read more about those two ryas here.)


The chicken-wire rya has hung above a cabinet in my studio for a while now, but I decided that ultimately, it is not that interesting.  It’s also not easy to stuff away, as it is rigid and bulky, mounted on a wooden frame.  So yesterday I decided to take it off the frame and bend it around a pipe on the ceiling outside my studio.  I like that better!  Now I can tell visitors, when they ask where my studio is in the Casket Arts Building, “It’s Studio 316.  Just look up at the ceiling down the hallway and you’ll be able to figure out which studio is mine.”


Oh, also, it’s across from “Inside the Robot.”


Please visit!  I have new pieces up on the walls.

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