Window as Ironing Board

I hate it when you have to miss a meeting and then people keep telling you how great it was.  Last spring my friend Beth McLaughlin gave a presentation on textile conservation for a monthly Weavers Guild meeting, and I had a conflict.  Darn!  Just last week Jan Hayman told me about an anecdote that Beth related.  Back when it was popular to wear a crisp white kerchief, women used a mirror or window to smooth and “iron” their kerchiefs after rinsing them out.  I had to try this.  I found a wrinkled handkerchief.


I soaked it, wrung out some of the water, and smoothed it on to a window.


My husband wondered about this–why was the handkerchief on the window?


But it worked great!  Here it is after peeling it from the glass.



  1. Hi Robbie Back in the 60’s when I was a nursing student that is the way we “ironed”our heavily starched caps. Washed them, and rinsed in a starch mixture and slapped them up on a refrigerator door, counter etc. to dry. By the time I graduated we had permanently starched caps that literally “stood”on their own. Paula

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