Learning about Linen

In the past year, an informal group of weavers and spinners has been meeting periodically to talk about linen.  It has been enormously fun and instructional.

At the October meeting, someone (I can’t remember who!) said that a good way to test the color-fastness of linen threads is to make a coil of thread, place it between layers of a wet paper towel, and press it.  I tried that yesterday with some lovely red tow linen I have on a huge cone.  I think the answer is pretty clear here!


For the last four meetings, I wrote informal minutes that were shared with the  group and with other Weavers Guild of Minnesota members via the DRAFT, the online member newsletter.  The NEXT meeting is November 12 at 1pm at the Weavers Guild.

Here’s the recap from October 1, 2017.  Learn about how simple it is to mangle!


April 2, 2017 Meeting Recap.


Linen Meeting Discussion Minutes, February 17, 2017.


Linen Discussion, December 3, 2016.


A Book List for Linen Lovers: Recommended books about Linen from Wendy Johnson.


After an announcement in the DRAFT on September 7, 2016, members interested in linen met before the September 20 and October 20 Weavers Guild programs.  MANY ideas evolved.  (From this brainstorming document, you can see how many ideas and projects could still be planned and implemented.)

This article appeared in the DRAFT on April 5, 2016, “Focus on a Favorite Fiber – Linen,” and the first discussion was held on April  14.



  1. Thank you for this post. It was very interesting for my personal study of linen. But also, it was great for inspiration and ideas for our own Guild. We are a much smaller and newer Guild, but it gives us a jumping off point . . . and we can dream big!

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