Happy Holidays: Remembering the Special Era of the Warp Weighted Loom

IMG_1830This isn’t the first time that weaving equipment has been used as an alternative Christmas tree at our house. This year the warp-weighted loom is decked with ornaments and lights.

I’ve decided that I am not going to continue weaving on my warp weighted loom–my beautiful, custom-made vertical loom.  I enjoyed the challenge of setting it up, and weaving while standing is a pleasure. I am very interested in the historical aspects of the loom, and in another life I would love to be a Viking era re-enactor.  But for now, the beautiful loom seems a distraction from my Toika and tapestry looms, from all the krokbragd, rya, and billedvev projects.  My next challenge is learning and perfecting the open warp transparency technique of Frida Hansen.


Melba Granlund is going to buy my loom.  This makes me SO HAPPY, because she is passionate about warp weighted loom weaving and will be developing classes in the technique.  There is a lot of interest at the Weavers Guild of Minnesota.  Watch for class developments in the coming months….

I have my fleecy piece, woven from my friend Nancy Ellison’s sheep.  Nancy and her sheep have an special place in my heart.  Over the years, my annual pilgrimage to Zumbrota felt mandatory.  Now I have started taking grandchildren to see all the animals too.


IMG_1740After I finished the fleecy piece, the loom is making its swan song as our Christmas tree.  Even when it was only partially decorated, Alden and Charlotte squealed with glee when they saw the lights.

IMG_1828 Check out the 2010 tree!

The Warping Reel Tree



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