“Artists in the Kitchen” Opening Soon

IMG_3726“Wooly Ice Cream” is done and ready to deliver for the upcoming exhibit at the Textile Center of Minnesota, “Artists in the Kitchen: 50 works by women artists inspired by 50 women chefs & restaurateurs.” The opening is on March 29 from 5:30-7.  Please come!

Read more about Sweet Science Ice Cream, the inspiration business for my piece, and owner Ashlee Olds in a previous post, “Two Great Things in Life: Deadlines and Sweet Science Ice Cream.”


This is our statement for the show:

Wooly Ice Cream, woven by Robbie LaFleur in traditional Norwegian krokbragd and danskbrogd weaving techniques, takes its cue from Sweet Science Ice Cream, a new and growing business headed by Ashlee Olds. Passionate about her product, Ashlee remembers her childhood experiences of eating ice cream with her family, and she set out to make the best product she knew to bring people together in a shared joyous experience.

How do Sweet Science Ice Cream and the weaving come together?

Ashlee uses only natural products in her ice cream – no artificial flavors or chemicals; Robbie’s weaving uses natural materials, too: wool and linen.  The weaving includes bands of symbols. Near the bottom is a row of female figures, alluding to the conference celebrating women chefs and restauranteurs, or maybe to Ashlee as a goddess of ice cream.  Wooly ice cream cones center the piece. Near the top is a row of stars, a traditional symbol of luck and prosperity, indicating best wishes for success with the Sweet Science shop opening this summer in the Keg & Case food hall, part of the former Schmidt Brewery complex in St. Paul.

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