Gubbatäcke–Take Two

I called this weaving figurative boundweave or boundweave figures, but didn’t include the Swedish colloquial name, Gubbatäcke or Gubbaväv.  The weave structure is bunden rosengang, or bound rosepath.  You can buy many Gubbatäcke patterns from the Swedish company, Blomqvist Nordiska.

Many thanks to Laila Ingvardsson, my Swedish social media friend (, @garntrasselsverksta) who quickly identified these patterns and sent me more information to share.


Skytten – Sagittarius
Skorpionen – Scorpio
Vågen – Libra
Jungfru – Virgo
Lejonet – Leo
Kräftan – Cancer
Tvillingarna – Gemini
Oxen – Taurus
Väduren – Aries
Fiskarna – Pisces
Vattumannen – Aquarius
Stenbocken – Capricornus
For some reason the weaver has changed the order of the signs – maybe liked it better this way…
(You can buy the pattern here.)

This one is a very short version of Nils Holgerssons underbara resa genom Sverige (The Wonderful Adventures of Nils)

The rows are:
  • Nils Holgersson
  • Smirre räv – Smirre the Fox
  • Skåne länga – A Skånelänga is shown to the right.
  • Mårbacka – Selma Lagerlöfs home
  • Träkyrka i Kvikkjokk – wooden church in Kvikkjokk
  • Gåsen Akka – The geese Akka
There were originally two long pieces.
(You can buy these patterns here and here.)

Havet – The Ocean

This weaving depicts the lives of fishermen.
Fiskmåsar och Labbar – Seagulls and Stercorarius
Fyrar – Light houses
Vågor – waves
Fiskare – Fishermen
Fiske lådor – Stapled boxes of wood used by fishermen for the fish
Prickar – a sort of beacons
Fiskar – fishes
Fiskar hustrur – The fisherman wife waiting on shore for her husband
(You can buy the pattern here.)
Finally, one Facebook reader wanted to see the back sides. Here are the backs of two. There are long floats on the backs in this technique; it was interesting to see that one was finished more nicely than the other.

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