Medieval Mash-Up #4: Hello

The face is done–phew!–and the hair is OK.

Some of you may remember that I made a small sample for this tapestry, some years ago. (Read: “Tapestry Testing: Hair, Not Horns“)

The hair looked like horns. Icky face. Sampling is good! Plus, when I wove the face now, it was both larger in size and at a finer sett.

I chose to make the features more like a queen in another small piece I wove.

For more about that piece, read “Medieval Stock Photo?” For more about medieval woven faces, see: “Billedvev Faces: Perfection or Charm?

I think I am halfway done, and hopefully, without the major ripping-out session of the beginning of the tapestry, the last part will go more quickly.  In the photo, the first woven portion is turned around to the back of the loom. I’m looking forward to weaving the horse’s head.