More Megado Monksbelt Fun

As I came to the end of my Megado monksbelt piece, Kala Exworthy was about to start, using the same 36″ pattern that was programmed into the laptop. “Here,” I said, “You can use this photo I took of Barb Ung’s piece that I hung on the computer for reference.” (I showed that set-up in my previous blog post.)

“But what if I want more colors?” Kala mused. We came up with an idea–make a black-and-white copy of the photo, and color it in with colored pencils.

Look at Kala’s slick system underway.

Here is Kala’s monksbelt underway.

Since she is using wool pattern weft, making loops at the edges, and using exactly the same pattern, it will be so fun to put our completed pieces side-by-side to see the difference color makes.

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